Research Interests

My immediate research focuses on the possibility of a European Ethical Code for Data Donation, including the challenges and opportunities provided by the (non-)sharing of medical data. My research also addressed the question of a potential moral obligation to share such data and to participate in medical research in general. I have a keen interest in understanding the impact of cultural differences on the acceptability of using biomedical Big Data.

More broadly, I am interested in the wider issues of governance of health in the context of new and emerging technologies, and in the ethics of data in the genomic era.

  • Cognitive Enhancement
  • Health Policy
  • Education
  • Resource Allocation
  • Intelligence Research
  • Neuroethics / Neuroenhancement
  • Genetics / Genethics
  • Big Data in Health Care
  • Privacy Rights
  • Disability (esp. cognitive-affective disorders)
  • eHealth
  • Medical Law & Ethics
  • Giftedness Education
  • Public Engagement